How to Financially Protect Yourself and Your Family

The world has changed a great deal since the days of the “baby boomers”.
It’s changed even more since the internet came and revolutionized our world.

After The Pandemic Crisis Our World, As We Knew It, Has Gone and Won’t Be Coming Back!

So you want to be Financially Independent and Free

Have a think about how it used to be; after finishing school everyone would look for a job in the Government or a bank or a big insurance company or even a brand name factory.

Everyone could start at the bottom and be assured of a job for life as long as they behaved and worked at a reasonable level. Advancement would come along every few years and bring with it a pay rise.In most households the wife would stay at home and raise the kids.

The husband would earn enough to buy a nice suburban house, a new care very few years, annual vacations to the beach and plenty of food and clothes for the whole family.

Life was pretty good.Everyone had a good future ahead of them and happiness levels were very high and threats were very low. Those days are gone and they are not coming back. Now the typical family is locked into debt that never ends from outrageous mortgages, credit cards and personal loans.

Both parents are exhausted from working long hours, sometime seven having two jobs. No one has a job for life and a lot of people can’t even get enough working hours to live a half decent life.

Everything costs more and more and everyone has less and less time and money.Houses and education are getting so far out of reach the current generation will have no hope of buying a house.How will your kids pay for education and a house?

Even vacations are getting harder to afford and please, let’s not even think about Christmas!

Politicians out and out lie to us all the time and just squeeze everyone for more tax, while cutting services.

Big business and the Main Stream Media have taken control and tell us what to think, what to like, what to hate and even what to do.

It’s no wonder the typical family is feeling powerless.The average worker is trapped, true wage slaves.Sure they let you escape on the weekends (if you are lucky enough to have a Monday to Friday job) but they know you will be back on Monday working hard to make them rich.

Off to work we go, sitting on a crappy bus or train or stuck behind the wheel in traffic, battling with all the other wage slaves just to get to a place we don’t even want to be. When I was in that position, it used to totally annoy me to see my wife dress up and put on makeup for another man every day, her boss.

We can’t help it, we have to do it because we need the money to pay the mortgage, pay off the credit card, pay the utility bills, pay for the kids' clothes, school, pay for the food, pay for fuel, pay for the dentist, pay for the new TV, pay for this pay for that, it’s never ending.

If it wasn’t for debt we would maybe, just maybe get ahead.But they suck us back in every time; remember when the washing machine blew up and died? You had to go and get a new one, more debt. But what choice did you have, you needed to have a new washing machine.

There was no choice, other than taking on more debt. That’s how debt makes us all slaves to the banks and finance companies.

Sorry to be so depressing and scary up to this point. You need for me to be honest and open and to tell you the truth.

I’m going to be your guide on your journey to financial freedom.Just one more secret of the rich I need to share with you. The rich get richer every day because of “leverage”. Are you familiar with the term?

Here’s a simple way to explain it; we all have 24 hours per day. Generally speaking we divide it up into 3 lots of 8. We sleep for 8 hours, work for 8hours and have 8 hours to spend with friends and family.

Now let’s focus on the 8 hours of working. You are paid for those 8 hours. Now let’s say your boss has 100 employees all working 8 hours per day. You see that your boss is being paid for 800 hours work per day?

That’s leverage and it’s going to come up again later, but in future you’re going to be using it for your benefit.

Probably about time to introduce myself to you. My name is Don Reid and I’m an Aussie from Brisbane.

Back in September 1995 I made $2,600 entirely from a website I built.

That was the first income I ever made from the internet. You can trust me on this, not many people were making any money from the internet in those days.

Ever since then I have never worked for anyone else, I’ve been my own boss, made my own decisions and lived where I wanted. In the last 12 months I have been to Australia, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, England, France, Spain, Philippines and Cambodia. I’ve been around the world 3 times. Visited 38 countries and hundreds of cities.

The only reason I can do this is I’m debt free, I do not need to work to pay a bank or finance company. I do not need to be anywhere at any particular time or day. My time is 100% my own.

Have a think about this, time is the only resource we cannot get more of. Isn’t it a pity that most people spend such a huge part of their lives working for the bankers and credit companies?

No wonder they make billions in profit, they have the whole western world working for them.

My mission is to free as many people as I can from this slavery. My son now owns a large company employing dozens of people, he treats them very fairly and provides benefits way above what they would normally receive.

My daughter has her own Amazon business which has a monthly income of thousands of dollars. We always instilled the idea of being your own boss into our kids and it makes us both so proud to see them so self-sufficient.

Since 1995 my free training has helped thousands of people achieve their goals and dreams. You have read this far, how are you feeling about it?

Are you ready to give it a go and break free of the invisible debt chains that keep you a slave?

Still here? Great stuff! It’s a real thrill to have you on board.

Look to be very open and honest, there are pretty much an infinite number of ways you can generate more income and finally get to the point where you can tell your boss to shove his crappy job.

I’m not going to lie to you; they all take workOne time a very smart, self-made millionaire told me this:“ Wages are made 9 to 5, Fortunes are made after hours” Basically this means you need to forget your 9 to 5 wage slave mentality and begin to think like a self-employed business owner.

You are going to change your life, your family’s life and probably the lives of your friends. You will be the leader they need but first you have to do the hard yards.

So what are we looking for?

Well let’s break it down.

Low Entry Expenses: We don’t want you going into more debt so any initial business you look at needs to have a low barrier to entry. This would rule out opportunities like a KFC franchise.

Flexible Hours: The business you choose needs to allow for you to work on it when you are available. You still need your day job to support yourself while the new business can grow to a size it can support you (and more)

Easy To Manage: Not many of us have professional management and accounting skills so best to look for a business where it’s easy to manage and simple bookkeeping is all that’s required.

Legal & Ethical: Let’s not put ourselves at risk of ending up in jail ok? Always choose a business project which is both legal and ethical, because we all want to be able to sleep at night instead of worrying about the coppers kicking down the door.

Unlimited Potential: Look for a business that has unlimited potential. For example, if you were to open a lawn mowing service and there is nothing wrong with that but, the potential is somewhat limited to the lawns you can mow in any given time period and also geographically.

To earn bigger money there needs to be no geographical restrictions and the ability to leverage your time.

Worldwide: As mentioned directly above, the best businesses have no geographical limits, you should be able to run your business in any country you want. I choose to do business in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK mostly but also have clients from other countries as well.

24/7: One thing I love about my business is it operates 24/7 no matter whereI am or what I’m doing.

Recently a bunch of us went to some remote islands in the Philippines for a few days island hopping. There was very limited electricity and zero internet or phone connections. It was truly liberating to disconnect from the grid and realize how great it is to be away from the noisy world.

When we returned to civilisation, I checked my email I could see the business had carried on perfectly well without me and had made plenty of sales.

No Specialist Skills Needed: Let me tell you I really don’t have a lot of formal skills at all. I left school in grade 11 after my science teacher punched me in the face.

So yeah, we want a business that doesn’t require us to be a rocket scientist to run it.

Leverage: We want a business that can leverage other people’s time and effort just like our boss does in his business. Leverage is a secret that makes people rich very quickly.

We want that right?

Another way to use leverage is to harness the power of technology. You doit every day when you use Google for a search, or send a text to some friends, it’s you using technology.

Which leads to the next requirement for our ideal business.

Internet Leverage: We really want a business that can use all the amazing tools available to us on the internet.

There are fabulous tools like Wordpress for building websites, Facebook for advertising our business and connecting with other people with similar interests.

Email marketing tools and text messaging tools which allow us to communicate with thousands of people at the press of a button.

Life is great my friend and this is your chance to jump on the freedom train and finally break free.